Chocolate World truffle station M1300b

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Short Description

The Chocolate World truffle station is designed specifically for the coating off truffles with the use of truffle shavings, nuts or any similar coating product.

Chocolate World's Truffle Station works with the Automatic Tempering Machine and consists of a Truffle grill- M1300B and a Truffle Mill - M1300C.Two part system designed to be used with the range of Chocolate World Tempering Machines – CW24, CW40, CW60 and CW80 for production of Truffles.

Infeed through Double Chocolate Curtain onto grill with vibrating option. The station is designed for the coating of truffles with chocolate shavings, nuts etc whilst the mill turns at 2.71t per minute. This attachment is a must for users looking to increase their productivity and consistency in their chocolate production.

BROCHURE (CW_Truffle_Station_M1300B_and_M1300C.pdf, 115 Kb) [Download]