Chocolate World chocolate fountain

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Short Description

The Chocolate World Chocolate Fountains are specifically designed with ease and elegance in mind. Able to be used for a variety of purposes, Chocolate World have a variety of fountain designs and size fit to meet all your needs.

All Chocolate World fountains are easy and quick to install. No tools needed. They are easy to maintain, simple to disassemble, directly driven screw (no risk for the belt-drive to slip or break). Comes with digital display and removable power cord.

The Chocolate World chocolate fountains are available in many different models, listed below:

Contact a member of Vanrooy to determine which model will be suit your needs.

  • Chocolate World M1286-Chocolate Fountain
  • Chocolate World M1287-Chocolate Fountain
  • Chocolate World M1288-Chocolate Fountain
  • Chocolate World M1288-Chocolate Fountain
  • Chocolate World M1287C Chocolate Fountain
  • Chocolate World M1287DC Double Cascade Chocolate Fountain
  • Chocolate World M1289DC Double Cascade Chocolate Fountain