Chocolate World Cooling Tunnel - M1850T6

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Short Description

Chocolate worlds new range of innovative and adjustable cooling tunnels are your chocolate solution for consistency and improved product quality in your chocolate production.

The Chocolate World cooling tables have a stainless steel exterior construction in stainless steel, except the plastic back of the unit. The cooling table also has a stainless steel working top. Thanks to the digital display, temperature and humidity can be easily settled.

Key features

  • Enrober with adjustable ventilator
  • Digital thermostat
  • Adjustable belt speed
  • Cover made from double-walled polyester
  • Infeed unit for product decoration and output unit for taking off the products
  • Integrated folded design for easy install
  • Adjustable in height
  • Convection, radiation and contact cooling
  • Air channels can be cleaned from the inside

BROCHURE (CW_Cooling_Tunnels_M1850T4_-_M1850T6_-_M1850T8.pdf, 452 Kb) [Download]