Bertuetti D300 -3 Volumetric Divider 50-1400 GM

Bertuetti D300 -3 Volumetric Divider 50-1400 GM

The automatic volumetric divider has been developed to keep constant pressure for each leavened dough type without altering any characteristics whilst ensuring precise weights for each size.

Key features

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  • The machine is made up of a hopper in stainless steel (if required with teflon) standard 120 kg (on request it can be 200/250 kg).
  • The weight is set up manually while an handle with indicators which operates a mechanism also guaranteeing the precision of leavened dough.
  • The standard machine is supplied with three pistons (if required with one only) to be more versatile during the different sizes and shapes and above guaranteeing a final bread shapeof a perfect desired workmanship, the speed is constant, on request there is a speed variator.
  • The adjustable exit belt allows the frontal unload or right and left side, the centralized lubrication allows the re-circulate of the oil for a perfect and continuous precision, an adjustable flour duster motorized positioned on the exit belt allows also to work with you soft dough.
  • The machine is mounted on swivel wheels to facilitate the move and on request it can be totally in stainless steel.
  • Available in other sizes/models

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