Tekno Stamap Production Makeup Line

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Short Description

The Tekno Stamap production make up line is designed to speed up your pastry production using the latest in technology to effeciently and consistently produce a variety of pastry creations.

The Tekno Stamap production makeup line is a versatile line that can be used for many things. From pastry's to shortbread biscuits or even an Australian favourite the sausage roll, this universal pastry line has an array of functions capable of completing huge quantities of product in amazingly efficient times.

Key features

  • Automatic calibrating unit and flour duster
  • Humidifier
  • Volumetric pneumatic dosing unit with valves to control the suction and dosing of the product. Possibility of using very thick products with big pieces of particles
  • Electric or pneumatic guillotine to be located anywhere on working Table.
  • Scraps recovery device
  • Eletric dosing unit for homogenized creams even with medium sized particles
  • Electric panning system with pan running for double discharge of product. Programmable speed and product discharge.
  • Touch-sreen for belt speed control, dosing unit, guillotine and accessories

Technical features
Lenght as per customer's request4000 - 5000 - 6000 mm
Table height900mm
Table width710mm
Belt width650mm
Belt speed0.4 - 9 m/min
Motor power for table0.37 kW
Mains supply3 x 200-420V, 50/60 Hz
Ancillary current24 V DC
Max speed of guillotine (stroke/min)100

Brochure (tekno-stamap-production-line.pdf, 1,804 Kb) [Download]

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